Traveling by bus and train in Costa Rica, there are many ways to explore the Central American country. Reach all destinations easily with Interbus and Grayline.

Means of travel in Costa Rica Traffic on the country roads in Costa Rica

how to travel through Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica the public and tourist transport system works excellently. Public buses run from San Jose to all parts of the country, although buses depart from different stops in the city depending on their destination.
We have an up-to-date map available at the Posada with times and destinations. There are also national flight connections and shuttle buses.

The Interbus and Gray Line shuttle buses work uniquely well here in Costa Rica and are designed exclusively for the transport of tourists. Bus system in Costa Rica It is a special bus system designed for vacationers who want to see something of the country and get to know Costa Rica. The transport takes place at a fixed time from hotel to hotel or from meeting point to hotel. Meeting points are all those places where, for example, tours start or end, crossing points for cross-country travelers, etc. Depending on the season and popularity of the destination, there are one to three different travel times per day.

Depending on the distance, transportation costs $54 to $64. We will be happy to take care of the reservation and advise you on complicated connections. On some routes where there are no regular Interbus or Gray Line connections, we at Posada Nena offer private alternatives that work perfectly in combination with the routes offered.

Public transport is of course much cheaper, more authentic for many people and, on the whole, clean, reliable and safe. However, it takes a relatively long time and you shouldn't expect it to be particularly convenient.

However, we recommend renting a car. or a combination of tours and rental cars. We have very good and suitable ideas for this - please just get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.