canopy Tour: Rafting and Canopy

Adventure tour in Costa Rica

Whitewater and canopy in one day. Our adventure combo: whitewater rafting in the Rio Sarapiquí and canopy in one day. An absolutely great combination. The Rio Sarapiquí offers an unforgettable rafting experience through one of Costa Rica's most exciting landscapes. It flows through dark green, tropical rainforest and is home to numerous animal species and many indigenous settlements of the Cabecar tribe.

rafting in costa ricacanopy in Costa Rica Early in the morning you will be picked up from the Posada and driven through the Braulio-Carrillo National Park to the starting point of the rafting tour. The relatively harmless course of the river is ideal for rafting newbies and anyone who wants to enjoy nature from the boat - but there are some very adventurous and challenging rapids. Bird lovers and biologists also get their money's worth here. This is followed by a second, adrenaline-pumping activity: Canopy.

Float on a tightrope from tree to tree and from platform to platform (plataforma) above the tropical rainforest and enjoy the full nature from a bird's eye view, right through the jungle. Hook the pulleys into the wire rope and off you go! The tropical rainforest in Costa Rica cannot only be explored along conventional paths...

Canopy is a type where you can admire the giant trees from above. You practically fly over the dense, green canopy of leaves. It's a completely new perspective to get to know nature - and it's also adrenaline pumping. After the first moment of shock: wonderful.

With the canopy you can reach dizzying heights and race through and over the jungle at high speed. The popular way of taking tours through the jungle in Costa Rica is subject to strict safety requirements. Equipped with a helmet, seat belts and thick leather gloves (to keep your line of sight and be able to brake), you climb high up to a platform on a jungle giant. There is a thick wire rope attached to the trunk that leads to another tree - often out of sight, so that you float up to a kilometer in the air until you reach the next platform.

Before the tour there is a clear briefing from the guides, who are all multilingual and well trained for their job. Safety is paramount, but it's still a thrill. Canopy is typical in Costa Rica and is definitely part of an adventure vacation.

We start the tour every day from the Posada. We also offer canopy in connection with a transfer to la Fortuna .

Difficulty level: Class 1-3, 14 km rafting, canopy 14 platforms, minimum age 8 years, cost US$ 152 per person

Nature, adventure, difficulty level 3, organized tour