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Santa Ana, Costa Rica relax posada nena santa ana

the ideal starting point for a Costa Rica trip

Santa Ana is a quiet and interesting small town.

If you would like to escape the hustle and bustle of San José, you can head west to Sta. Ana stay in the hotel. Santa Ana, with almost 30,000 inhabitants, is only 15-20 minutes from San Jose center and about the same distance from Juan Santamaria International Airport. Santa Ana is an excellent base for exploring and traveling Costa Rica.

Despite being close to the city of San José, you can go on numerous hikes into the nearby nature directly from the town. cerro escazu The small town still has a provincial feel to it - for example, you can often see riders riding through the streets on their way to their local pub. The climate is drier than the rest of the country (Sta. Ana was voted the city with the fifth best climate in the world) and it is easy and quick to get to.

Santa Ana is located at an altitude of 900 m, is surrounded by the “Cerros de Escazu” mountains and offers the visitor an insight into the small town world that is not yet overrun by tourism.

Santa Ana was founded in 1907 and declared a city in 1970. Life revolves around the church, where the weekly market is held on Sundays and various fairs and events are held throughout the year, giving the visitor a good insight into the culture of Costa Rica .

The old town center combines artists and crafts, for example there is a ceramics workshop right next to the church, and the market offers wood carvings and other handicrafts.

Santa Ana offers the visitor an insight into the traditional cuisine of Costa Rica with its many small family restaurants and “sodas” with very reasonable prices. But there are also very fine and good restaurants in Santa Ana, a diverse paradise for gourmets. It can be said that the best restaurants in Costa Rica can now be found in the area. We have a list of suggestions ready - fine, very fine or just delicious. And of course there is also an 18-hole golf course and a tennis club in the area.