Vulkan poas Tour Poas Volcano

The Poás volcano erupted violently in 2017

The volcano was closed to visitors until the end of October 2018. Since then it has been open to visitors again.

Here we offer three tours in one day - the day tour to the Poás volcano, the coffee Hacienda Doka & the la Paz waterfalls. The Poás volcano, which is one of the largest volcanic craters in the world with a crater almost 1.3 km in diameter, is located north of Santa Ana and is surrounded by tropical forests at an altitude of 2,574m.

We offer the visit to Poás Volcano in several different combinations. As a half-day tour or as a combination with other destinations. vulkan poas in costa rica The combination with the Doka coffee hacienda and the La Paz waterfalls turned out to be particularly recommended.

Poás National Park is one of the country's main attractions. The park is about an hour to an hour and a half north of the Posada. The volcano is still considered active, although the volcano's last major eruption was in 1953. This created a 300 meter deep crater with the gigantic diameter mentioned above. There are also 2 secondary craters, one of which has a blue lagoon, the Laguna Botos. There were further small eruptions in 1989 and 1995.

When the weather is good, the attraction allows a spectacular view inside. The tour starts early in the morning at the coffee hacienda. Here you can learn everything from the cultivation to the enjoyment of the coffee and have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the finished product. Then you drive to the volcano. At this time you have the best chance of taking a look at the sulphur-colored water in the crater.

At the entrance to the national park you have the opportunity to find additional information about the volcano and park in a museum. A well-developed footpath leads from the visitor center to the crater. Things get exciting when the Poás volcano spews sulphurous mud and steaming water into the air.

From the main crater, a one-hour path then leads through the adjacent stunted forest. This bizarre forest is created by the acidic air and cold. You reach the side crater with the Laguna Botos and, with a bit of luck, you have a good view inside. You have to keep your eyes open on this route, as very rare birds are at home at this altitude. At the moment the path to Laguna Botas is not open.

This day tour can be combined with a visit to the famous waterfalls of La Paz - surrounded by fascinating flora and fauna. There you can visit a butterfly farm, a Ranario (frog zoo), an Avario (bird house) with many hummingbird gardens and wild enclosures where you can see, among other things, various species of wild cats and monkeys.
Kaffee Tour am Vulkan Poas

The day tour as a group tour departs daily from Posada Nena for US$175.
Upon request, we also offer this tour as an individual tour for 2 people or more (with a slightly modified program).

Nature, culture, difficulty level 1-2, organized tour or by rental car