Danger and safety in Costa Rica! Should you be afraid to travel in Costa Rica? No! Don't worry in Costa Rica - a few safety tips

Security in Costa Rica Security in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is peaceful and has no military

Costa Rica is the safest country in Latin America! Costa Rica has the largest cosmopolitan population in Central America. Nevertheless, it makes sense to follow a few basic safety rules in order to enjoy your vacation stress-free. These safety tips are basic rules of thumb that apply in principle to all holiday destinations.
Basically, it's always better to trust less than to lose out afterwards. As sad as that is.

Basically, you should always have a copy of your flight ticket, passport and driving license with you, along with a business card from the hotel, and have another copy available online, e.g. in your own email inbox.

The passport and airline ticket should be kept safe at the hotel. It is also advisable to always have cash with you in case of an emergency. Roads and traffic in Costa Rica

You should take great care of your luggage, especially if you are still undecided about where you want to go. Baggage at the airport should only be handed over to luggage carriers who can be identified with ID. It makes sense to lock your luggage or secure bags with small padlocks.

On the road in Costa Rica

You should pay particular attention to pickpockets in markets, bus stations, busy sidewalks and large gatherings of people. Pickpocketing accounts for the largest percentage of crime in Costa Rica. But if you're a little careful, you can usually get away with it unscathed.

Northwest of the main market in San José is the somewhat run-down red light district, which you should avoid if possible. Why take unnecessary risks and ruin your vacation?

If you are traveling with a rental car, you should, if possible, park the car at night in the hotel or in a guarded parking lot. If this is not possible, then please don't leave anything in the car, even hidden. Even in national parks, thieves sometimes wait for the moment when security guards move away from the car to break into a car. So here too, please don't leave anything visible in the car!

Even if you think you have everything under control with your daily luggage, it makes sense to wear a money belt and, if possible, not take any flashy jewelry or expensive watches with you.
Only take the bare minimum of cash that you need and don't show all the money you have with you when paying in a street café.

You should trust your common sense and not go with the first person who offers himself as a guide.

Women should be particularly careful not to allow themselves to be distracted or removed from the group. Travel warnings for Costa Rica do not differ much from other countries. Costa Rica is worth taking these few precautions to enjoy an authentic, eventful and safe vacation.