Phone Cards

SIM and eSIM Cards available at Posada Nena

In both Posada Nena locations, we offer the service of assisting our customers in navigating and communicating in the country

For those interested, we provide a SIM card that is very affordable. Simply insert it into your phone, activate it, and load credit – and you're ready to go. Our reception staff are happy to assist with this process. However, this requires opening your phone and replacing the SIM card (keep the original safe as the second card slot often doesn't work). Nowadays, this process is quite seamless. Mobile internet is essential while traveling, especially for navigation. For navigation, we recommend using WAZE exclusively. 

For those who prefer not to intervene in their own phones, there is the eSIM.

The eSIM is a relatively new technological advancement that has gained popularity in recent years. An eSIM is a virtual SIM that allows activating a mobile plan without relying on a physical SIM card. You can have multiple eSIMs on a device simultaneously. In most cases, an eSIM comes only with a mobile plan and no phone number. This means that calling in Costa Rica will continue through the standard SIM card. However, surfing, Waze (navigation), and internet calls will occur through the eSIM mobile plan.

Installing an eSIM is relatively straightforward. First, check if your device supports adding an eSIM. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > Mobile > scroll to the bottom, check if there is an option to add an eSIM (according to Apple, all phones iPhone X or younger should be eSIM compatible). For Android devices, go to Settings > Connections > SIM cards or SIM Manager > Add mobile plan. If the "Add mobile plan" option is available, it means the device supports eSIMs.

There are various plans to choose from, always purchasing a certain amount of data, e.g., 1 GB for a specific daily rate, e.g., 15 days. The website offers various affordable options, along with a comprehensive guide for installation on your specific device. Prices range between 5 and 9 € for smaller data sets (e.g., 1 GB) and up to 45 € for larger data sets (e.g., 10 GB).

Another advantage of the eSIM is that you can purchase it before heading to Costa Rica. When buying the eSIM, you can specify any start and end times. This allows you to have a functional and active mobile plan upon arrival in Costa Rica, providing access to essential data at the airport.

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