Snorkeling and underwater world

Manzanillo Gandoca Nature Reserve

We offer a variety of tours in the Caribbean, these tours are day tours, for example a snorkeling tour and a sea kayaking tour

These tours take place in the Manzanillo Gandoca Nature Reserve, which covers an area of 50 km² on land and 44 km² on water, and is used to protect the unique mangrove trees and saline plants that only grow on such coasts. This unique habitat is also home to a variety of other animals. In addition to a variety of different birds, you can also discover alligators and much more. The water is also teeming with life; you can find breathtaking coral reefs with colorful tropical fish and, on occasion, one or two harmless reef sharks.

On the snorkeling tour in Cahuita National Park, which has the largest coral reef system in Costa Rica, you can experience the underwater world in a unique way - the protected area is home to 6 beautiful and different types of coral. You can marvel at these on two snorkeling trips, and there are also a variety of tropical fish to discover. Occasionally you come across a harmless reef shark or a stingray.

After snorkeling, you can rest and have a snack on the beautiful horseshoe-shaped beach. Then we go on a one-hour hike through the breathtaking coastal forest. There you can observe all kinds of animals such as sloths, poison dart frogs, monkeys, iguanas and much more.

On the magical sea kayak tour along the coast of Punta Uva you can marvel at spectacular cliffs, caves and the rainforest. Then you paddle upstream through the beautiful rainforest where you can observe colorful plants, sloths, river turtles and much more. Additionally, a professional guide will be able to provide interesting information about this amazing ecosystem.

After this kayak tour, there is a break on the beach where you can rest, enjoy a snack and or take a swim in the sea. After this break, you set off with the guide on a short hike to a great viewpoint: Grape Point.

The day tour departs daily from Posada Nena Caribbean
Nature, culture, difficulty level 2-3, organized tour

Playa Manzanillo, Caribbean Costa Rica

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