Vulkan Poas in Costa RicaFull day tours near San José:

Every day of the year we offer full- day tours

Around San José, Costa Rica and the central valley. 

These tours usually start with one person, directly from the Posada. Also, there are a variety of tour options that you can do "on your own": Hiking tours, by public bus or with your rental car. Of course, some of the offered "organized day trips" can be performed with a rental car, but not all destinies are simple. Get in touch with us and we will advise you.

We offer tours for every king of taste: if you love full action, riding in the nature reserve of El Rodeo, rafting, volcano hikes and trekking tours or canopy, bird- and animal- watching, there are our Safaris, canoeing or kayaking.

For those who love to walk in nature, the Gree Mountains that boarder Santa Ana, can be found close to the Posada. It's only a short walk or a bus or taxi ride up the hill.

To explore San José, there are various options: only 200 meters from the Posada runs, every 10- minute intervals a bus to San Jose. This costs about 50 cents and you get almost to the center. For orientation, in San José, we provide a free map. Those who prefer the comfort can also reserve one of our guided tours of San José.

We have tabbed the tours:

  • Nature, culture, relaxation or adventure
  • Difficulty of the physical effort of 1 (very easy) to 5 (very difficult)
  • on foot, bus, taxi, rental car or organized tour

Have fun exploring and experiencing.


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Tours in Costa Rica & NicaraguaRoundtrips and travel components

our own special tour operator alautentico

for over 20 years we are organizing individual tours in Latin America

You send your ideas for your tour; we will prepare a tailored suggestion for your roundtrip, respecting 100% of your desires. We make recommendations, give tips to nature-friendly destinations far away from mass tourism, we know every place personally and together we design a route.

With years of experience, we have a reliable team; as well have set up a network of contacts all over Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua, so that we can provide immediate and honest help, support and advice in every region.

Here are a few ideas of some classical trips. These are only proven suggestions, on this base we build together the perfectly tailored route:

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