Domestic flights

Information about domestic flights through Costa Rica, from San José and Pavas to Tortuguero, Tamarindo, Osa, Drake and la Fortuna

National flights in Costa Rica traveling in Costa Rica, Tortuguero

How to travel long distances through Costa Rica?

Short flights are a good alternative to long bus or car journeys. Flights within Costa Rica are usually very punctual and without long check-in times or nerve-racking controls.

Recommended at this point is the company Sansa , (Tel. 2290-4100, ), which was the first airline in the world to compensate 100% of its carbon emissions from flight operations. at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica This was set in motion by the local, certified compensation program. Sansa also supports reforestation projects and protection programs. The flights are also spectacular and offer great views. You can book the flights via the website.

Sansa Air also offers you a so-called Airpass. With this you can take part in as many flights as you like within one or two weeks. To get more information about it, just contact us ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and we will send all the necessary information. We also like to use individual flights on our individual tours, whenever it fits well into the program.

There are 2 airports in Costa Rica that have international flights (San José and Liberia) and 14 other airports that have regular scheduled flights: Barra de Colorado, Tortuguero and Limón on the Caribbean. Golfito, Palmar, Puerto Jimenez and Drake Bay in the south, Quepos at Manuel Antonio National Park in the Central Pacific and Tambor, Nosara, Tamarindo and Punta Islita in the North Pacific. In the north, la Fortuna and Liberia are served.