rundreise costa rica Contrasting Costa Rica

individual tour through Costarica

This round trip “contrasting Costa Rica” is a combination of insider tips and absolute highlights. On this trip you get to see the unadulterated and real Costa Rica. You sometimes travel in a group, sometimes with a private transfer without a companion.

Since there are usually only short journeys between the very different destinations, the journey is relaxing and there is plenty of time to experience nature, culture and adventure.

From the central valley with some adventures it goes through the northern mountains and the surrounding tropical forests to active and long-extinct volcanoes with impressive natural spectacles. Cloud forests, high cloud forests and tropical rainforests rich in animals are on our route, as well as vast steppes and tropical dry landscapes with adjacent dream beaches.

In addition to the culture and gastronomy of Costa Rica, this trip offers a particularly close experience of nature and animal observation.

A detailed description of this Costa Rica tour can be found here...