vulkan barva

Tour Barva Volcano

individual tour into the cloud forest

The destination of the trip is the untouched Barva volcano in the Braulio Carrillo National Park - the largest and, in our opinion, most exciting national park in Costa Rica. This very special tour is an insider tip for lovers of the purest nature in the cloud forest. The Barva volcano has long been extinct.

anfahrt barvaOn the way to the Barva volcano at BRaulio Carrillo NP The Braulio Carrillo National Park, Barva sector consists of a very typical cloud forest, a very rare and exciting form of forest that is rarely found in Costa Rica. This forest shape is more familiar from the “Lord of the Rings”. and another special feature. Despite the proximity to the central valley, you don't walk on well-trodden tourist trails, but rather have to fight your way through the undergrowth.

Despite its proximity to San José, this national park is very rarely visited, partly because the journey is very difficult. And that's exactly what makes the Barva volcano so attractive for nature fans and adventurous visitors. Here you don't walk along long-trodden paths, but rather make your way through a fairytale cloud forest. Moss-covered trees, babbling streams and sometimes opaque wafts of fog give our tour a mystical magic.

The tour always takes place individually and is still affordable because we use a driver-guide who picks you up at the posada and goes on the tour with you.