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City tour through San José, the capital of Costa Rica!

San Jose (SJO) Museo Ninos San Jose

San José is the capital of Costa Rica

It is important to distinguish between San José Costa Rica and San José in California. When buying a ticket, you also have to make sure that you are flying to the right San José. The airport abbreviation is SJO. It has already happened to our guests that they got on the wrong plane and then had to go on vacation to California.
Only 339,581 (2017) people live in San José - a fairly tranquil size.

However, in the greater San José area - the central valley of Costa Rica - there are already over 2.5 million people, almost half of all Costa Rican residents. The city is located at 1050 m above sea level and the average annual temperature is just under 21 C. The climate and air are excellent. This is the airport in San Jose, CR

San José (Costarica) and the surrounding area have a lot to offer, so it's definitely worth spending a few days here. The capital is very convenient to many destinations in the Central Valley, so it is recommended to set up your base here or nearby (e.g. in Sta. Ana) and explore the closer destinations.

There are many museums in the city. Mentioned here are the Gold Museum at Plaza Central, the Natural History Museum, the Children's Museum for families, the "museo de los niños" and even a crime museum (Museo de Criminología).

The most famous museum in San José is the "Museo de Jade", which is located near the "plaza de la democracia". This museum contains a collection of American jade unlike any other in the world. The quality of the gemstones is excellent. The museum also presents archaeological finds from the pre-Columbian period, including numerous ceramics that are well worth seeing.

There is also a wide range of cultural events in San José, including classical concerts on the street and in the theater, numerous theater performances, as well as frequent concerts by international artists. The National Theater in particular is a must-see.

If you like good food, there is a lot to find in San José and the surrounding area (especially in the west - Escazú - Santa Ana). A selection of recommended restaurants can be found in our restaurant tips.

San José (Costa Rica) also offers large parks and 2 zoological gardens, which are considered recreational areas for the city's residents. Examples include the park “La Sabana”, located directly on the western edge of the city center, and Zoo Ave in las Garitas.

At the Posada we provide a lot of information about San José, including of course a free city map. If you are interested in a guided tour through San José, you can do so twice a day from the Posada.