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Costa Rica- country of your dreamsSonnenuntergang in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a remarkably diverse (travel) country

Trip to Costa Rica- your dream made reality. In Costa Rica you will experience real nature close - a tropical paradise with an incredibly varied flora and fauna. Nowhere else on the planet can you find such a diversity of species in such a small area. Conservation is essential in Costa Rica, so our small country is ideal for nature and adventure trips, where you will experience new miracles every day. Costa Rica offers an exotic cocktail for nature lovers, adventurers, and animal lovers.

Almost a third of the country is a national park or has been designated nature reserve. With an area of just over 51,000 square kilometers, Costa Rica is not much larger than Switzerland.regen strand
In Costa Rica you can experience many natural beauties, including active volcanoes with bubbling hot springs, tropical rain, cloud forests, tropical rivers ideal to go rafting, wetlands, beautiful beaches on the Pacific and Caribe, an unbelievable variety of flora and fauna and much more.

And the special thing about Costa Rica: you find all in a protected environment, not only protected by the law, but also by the generally very conscious population.
How do you travel in Costa Rica, which places are an absolutely must- see?

In this page we present Costa Rica as a travel destination, have travel tips and a lot of information about the country, describe the routes within the country, the different travel destinations and how to get there.

Experience and travel Costa Rica with us!