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San José (SJO)museo ninos san jose

Capital de Costa Rica

San José is the capital of Costa Rica with only a population of around 420000 residents. But at the same time, San José is one of the 7 provinces of the country with totally 2, 5 million Costa Ricans which is the half of all the inhabitants of the country.

The City is situated 950- 1100 m above the sea level and the annual average temperature is around 20° C (68° F).airport in San José, Costa Rica

San José and its surroundings have got a lot to offer so that it is worth to spend some days. Because of the central location it is extremely easy to get to any place of Costa Rica from there. This is why we would recommend you stay near, for example here in Santa Ana, a smaller town about 15 km away.

Very popular tourist attractions are the Gold Museum at the Central Place and “El Museo de los Niños” for families and children. But the most famous one is the “Museo de Jade” which can be found on a very nice building near the "plaza de la democracia". The exhibit is the largest American jade collection in the world with more than 6,000 works of pre-Columbian art and jewelry!

Furthermore, the capital offers a huge variety of cultural events like theater performances, classic concerts or concerts of international artists. For the ones who like to go out for a delicious dinner there are an amount of possibilities. Here you can find a list with our recommendations for restaurants of any kind of (international) cuisine.

In their free time, a lot of Costa Ricans appreciate their parks and go out with their families. To name an example, there is the „Sabana“ Park or the "parque de la paz", with a modern sport complex, a small artificial lake and a lot of beautiful places where to enjoy under the trees.

In Posada Nena we give you all the information you might need and a map for free. Or maybe you are interested in our guided San José City Tour that starts every day from our hotel.

And for gourmet eating, there is a diversity of high- class restaurants all over the city and the western suburbs of Santa Ana and Escazú.

In our Restaurant- Tips you can find some recommendations from our team. In the section of our Activities, you can find a lot of activities and sightseeing options to do on your own in San José.