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Safety in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the saftest countries in Latin-America

Costa Rica is a stable and functioning democracy with the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America, which is a relatively safe place to visit. Making a few common preparations and reading the following Costa Rica safety tips will increase your chances of having a safe and stress-free vacation.

Costa Rica safety tips are similar to precautions you would want to take in any foreign country. Traveling here, we recommend you always to carry a business card of our hotel for the case you get lost, photocopies and an Online copy of your Costa Rica airline ticket, your passport and your driver´s license.

Store a further copy in the safety deposit box in your hotel room as well as the original documents in case that your luggage goes missing, which can happen if you are not careful. Take enough cash to be prepared for emergencies or unexpected incidents.
Luggage can be taken while you are looking in the other direction or at luggage storage facilities. Make sure the person you give your bag to at the airport is a porter, who is supposed to carry an official ID. For additional peace of mind, put locks on your luggage
In public, one has to have a keen sense of awareness as well. Purse slasher and pickpockets prefer crowded places like buses, stores, and they work often on busy sidewalks. When you are out at the outdoor market, for example, walk on the street side of the vendors and not the congested area of the sidewalks behind the stalls. Theft and pick pocketing make up most of the crime in Costa Rica, so if you are aware and follow these Costa Rica safety tips above you can get through your visit unscathed.

Northwest of the central market is the seedy red-light district, which you will probably want to avoid. Walking around the national parks late at night is also not advisable. It doesn't take a ADT security expert or bodyguard to know that walking around such areas, especially as a tourist, at night, could be inviting trouble. It is better to be safe than sorry. Why take unnecessary risks that might ruin your holiday?

If you are renting a car, avoid leaving your car in a conspicuous place such as a main street, a side street or in front of your hotel. Use the parking lots whenever possible, since many of them are watched over by guards. Even at the many national parks, your car can be subject for break in, thieves will wait for the rangers to go outside viewing range and will strike when and where they can. Do not leave valuables openly visible in your car!
Even if you think you have a good grip on your daypack, it is recommended that you wear a money belt and avoid wearing much jewelry or expensive watches to add to your Costa Rica safety. Bring only a minimal amount of cash when you go out, and do not take them all out at once when making purchases and when you are at an outside café paying for your meal.

Use your common sense and do not trust anyone who approaches you on the street and wants to be your tour guide. Women have to be especially careful; don’t be distracted or separate from your tour group. Travel warnings for Costa Rica are the same as they would be for most relatively safe tourist areas, so be vigilant and enjoy your Costa Rica Safety. Traveling here is well worth the extra preparations.


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