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navigation in Costa RicaLandkarten und GPS fuer Costa Rica

how to find your way?

To navigate in Costa Rica is quite easy. The most important road is the Panamericana. This extraordinarily long street begins in Tierra del Fuego and ends up in Alaska with a small interruption in Panama and Colombia. In this way, Costa Rica’s capital San José is connected with Panama in the south and with Nicaragua in the north.


A further highway leads from San José through the national park Braulio Carrillo eastwards to Limon and the Atlantic coast. Landkarten und GPS fuer Costa RicaIn order to get to the western part of the country in a short time, the highway 27 was constructed during the last 30 years. Instead of taking 3 hours through the mountains, it takes you around 1 hour to Puntarenas, a fishing village at the pacific coast.

The cities and towns in Costa Rica were built in a grid pattern which facilitates the orientation. At the Plaza Central, the main place and center of every city, you can find the Avenida (Avenue) Central crossed with the Calle (Street) Central. The avenues run east to west with even numbers on the south side and odd numbers on the north side. The streets run north to south with the  even numbers on the west side and the odd ones on the east side. After having fixed this information in your memory, the orientation in this pattern of any town is a children´s game.

Nevertheless, using a GPS is recommendable. If you go off in a rental car, we make one available for free, programmed with the most important destinations. This device knows all the streets in the country, it is up to date and talks in different languages. In our Posada we also rent GPS, even with personal advice and programming of the destination.