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Natural reserve Cerros de Escazu
berge escazu

green mountain range near Santa Ana and Escazú

Conservation area: Due to the fact that almost half of the just over 4 million residents live in the central valley of Costa Rica, nature suffers a heavy burden. To counteract this problem government has declared some areas for nature protection areas in the last 2 decades.

Often, the conservation areas are unfortunately only a formality, there is still the hope thereby to contribute to the conservation of nature. Wanderung bei Santa AnaTwo of these protected areas are in the immediate vicinity of Santa Ana: los "Cerros de Escazú," which (a very interesting development, which consists largely of indigenous population) adjacent to the municipality of Mora in the West in Frio and Quitirrisí. In the north of the reserve to Piedades and Santa Ana is adjacent to and to the east by Escazú. To the south you will find even more nature and little civilization.

The second reserve is the nature reserve "El Rodeo", a little further west of Santa Ana and Piedades.

The "Cerros de Escazú," translated hills of Escazú with a height of 800 - 2400 m and a very varied landscape represent only about 0.24% of the surface area of Costa Rica. The highest peak is Cerro Rabo de Mico with 2432 m, the lowest peak is the Cerro Minas with only 1300 m. The protected area with its numerous rivers (Rio Uruca, Tabarcia) and streams (Santa Ana, Palmichal) guarantees for the water supply of all the surrounding villages, as it offers a very interesting destination, and is home to many species of birds.

However, there are no marked trails, but easy forest trails and forest roads that crisscross the area. One can walk or mountain bike from San Rafael de Escazú, Salitral or Santa Ana make on the way and explore the area on your own. Possible to provide you with a trekking- GPS, where the main roads are to be seen and with a good orientation is ensured.

The majority of the vegetation of the reserve is dominated by tropical evergreen moist forests, although many slopes are used for grazing areas, which are not received large contiguous forest areas.

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Cerros Escazú in Costa Rica, near Santa Ana

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