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About Costa Rica

The profile of Costa Rica

Facts & figures from Costa Rica:

  • Area of Costa Rica: 51,200 km²
  • Population: 6 million Population density: 88 people / km² (Germany: 231 people / km²)
  • Languages: the official language is Spanish, but there are still patois & indigenous languages
  • The population of Costa Rica is truly diverse. Around 94% of the population have European and indigenous ancestors, 3% Black, 1% Indians, 1% Chinese, and 1% others. Population is estimated at a little over 6 million, the density with an average of 88 people per square kilometer is very low compared to other countries.
  • Form of government: Presidential republic, current president is Carlos Alvarado Quesada
  • Religion of the Ticos: 77% of the population is Catholic and 14% Protestant
  • Capital of Costa Rica: San José, mayor cities: Alajuela, Cartago, Pto. Limón, Puntarenas, Liberia, San Isidro
  • Coastline: Pacific 1020 km, Atlantic 211 km
  • Extension of Costa Rica: north-south 464 km, east-west 259 km
  • Highest mountain: Cerro Chirripó with 3839 m
  • Public holiday: September 15th, Independence Day (1821 from Spain), the entire week is very patriotic

Climate and temperatures

Costa Rica is in the tropical climatic zone, and temperatures are more or less constant all year round. The climate depends on the altitude and the amount of precipitation. The dry season theoretically lasts from December to April on the Pacific side. From May on, winds from the south-westerly direction are to be expected, which will cause precipitation on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. In the Pacific Basin of Costa Rica there is a humid climate with a dry season lasting several months. However, since the entire world climate is changing, one cannot predict the climate with certainty.

Anyway, you can visit Costa Rica all year, without having to worry about the climate, only you may have to expect more rainfall in the months of September and October.

Environmental protection in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a world leader in environmental protection. Protected areas such as national parks and biological reserves make up more than a quarter of the country's area. It is the first tropical country to attempt to reverse deforestation. The small country is home to 5% of all animal and plant species worldwide. Now 100% of the energy is obtained from renewable sources.