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Vacation in Costa Rica

important information

Phones und cellular phones in Costa RicaaTelefonieren und Internet in Costa Rica

Costa Rica code is +506

In Costa Rica the phone calls are quite cheap. That's one of the reasons we can offer all national calls in the Hotel for free. Just,select 9 to get an outside line and then can directly dial the desired phone.

In Costa Rica there are no area codes. Each number consists of 8 numbers. Numbers that begin with 2 or 3 are landlinesunterwegs costarica.  Numbers that begin with  8, are mobile numbers from the ICE Network, the state-owned telephone company. Numbers with 6 are from  Movistar and with 7 are from Claro Networks.

Anyone who brings his own mobile phone must comply with the following case. With its own SIM card mobile phones will work, the GSM 1800 and UMTS 850 3G network (Quad-band phones) work immediately in roaming mode. But you have to expect quite a high cost.

The better solution is to purchase a SIM card in Costa Rica. We have SIM cards in all standard sizes (Nano, Micro, Mini) in Hotel Posada Nena- line costs with a starting balance of $ 6 - $ 6.

Important Phone numbers

(area code 506):

airlines in Costa Rica:

Taca: 24333555
Condor: 22431818
American Airlines: 24428800
Delta Airlines: 24404805
Copa: 24414742
Iberia: 24415635
Nature Air: 22203054 (national)

numbers of embassies and consulates in Costa Rica

Germany, 22909091
Argentinia, 22346520
France, 22344167
Italy, 22342326
Switzerland, 22214829
Chile, 22241547
Columbia, 22836871
Venezuela, 22340728
Panama, 22801570
Guatemala, 22201297
Dominikanische Republik: 22804968
Mexiko: 22570633
Canada, 22424400
USA, 25192000
Nicaragua, 22212957
Sweden, 22328549
Portugal, 26221334
Cuba, 22911604
Belgica, 22256255
Spain, 22221933
China, 22914811
Brasil, 22956875
Bolivia, 25243491

area codes (00)

Argentina 54
Australia 61
Bolivia 591
Brasilia 55
Chile 56
Colombia 57
Inglaterra 44
Ecuador 593
Francia 33
Alemania 49
Grecia 30
Portugal 351
Rumania 40
Singapur 65
South África 27
España 34
Suecia 46
Suiza 41
Austria 43
Uruguay 598
Venezuela 58
Yugoslavia 38
Guatemala 502
Guayana 592
Haití 509
Honduras 504
Hong Kong 852


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