Driving in Costa RicaVerkehr in Costa Rica

renti a car in Costarica

To travel around Costa Rica, it’s a great choice to travel on your own with a rental car. You can get wherever you want without depending on timetables or other people. But there are several things you should know when renting a car to make sure you have a great vacation time.

We highly recommend to rent a car with full- coverage insurance. santa ana luftaufnahmeThis will cost an extra (+ 14 $ more or less each day of rental) but you are fully protected. Although there are limitations as well- understandable. You are not allowed to drive drunk and if you have flood damage because you drove in the sea or through a river, the insurance will not pay. So be careful, because sometimes you have to cross rivers or creeks.

We recommend to rent a small 4*4 vehicle, like the Suzuki Jimny. or the Toyota Bego This is one of the cheapest solutions, although with a very small motor, it is a great car for off-road traveling. But pay attention if you rent a car via Internet (this looks cheaper but you have to look very well) they never promise the exact car. They will say, a Jimmy or similar. And the similar often is a very small tin without 4 * 4.

As well, make sure if basic insurance (around 20$ daily) and taxes are included in the package. Please contact us to order a special fare with all insurance included and the exact car you want to rent. Gas is around 1,2 $ the liter.

You have to be careful with speed limitations. On Main- Streets there are often traffic- policemen (transitos) taking the speed and charging expensive tickets. Since September 2019 they installed cameras to register the speed on several main streets in the central valley. Be careful.