Caribbean costa ricaTour Costa Rica: Caribbean

This module fits perfectly to the beginning of a trip to Costa Rica

This Tour connects three major objectives that should be part of any trip to Costa Rica

There is the Tortuguero National Park with a lot of animals, exciting rainforest in the Caribbean Basin National Park "la amistad" and the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

The duration of the block is flexible from 6 to 10 days and can be elaborated with us. Please get in contact with us: caribbean travel module

Nationalpark TortugueroTortuguero National Park

province of "el Limón"

The „Tortuguero National Park“ is located in the northeast of Costa Rica. To reach this extraordinary place it is necessary for all visitors to go by plane or by boat. Due to the intensive protection of this area, the national park offers a huge biodiversity.

In a perfect interplay of nature different types of landscapes like tropic rainforests, beaches, alluvial land, lagoons, rivers or Caños give shelter to a large number of exotic animals.

The quite humid climate with its 6000 mm of precipitation annually made the forest being a rainforest. Longer rain periods make the vegetation shine in lively colors. The combination with the beautiful lights of the sun disappearing behind the ocean creates an ambience of deep satisfaction.

Especially the vulnerable leatherback turtles appreciate this place as a secure place for their posterity. 

Nature, level of difficulty 1-2, organized tour, daily departures from the Posada


rural Costa Rica 5 Days Eco Tour Costa Rica North

This is a very special and individual Tour

Here you will see the real Costa Rica

The „Agro-ecological Youth Organization of the Northern Zone of Costa Rica“ is working for the benefit of rural people for 14 years and is a no commercial organization. Although the term of “Eco- Tourism” is a little abused, here you will live and see the real Costa Rica and come to rural zones, which usual tourists never reach.

We support this great project and help to prepare individual packages or combinations with other destinations. This Mini- roundtrip is only one possible way to see this places. We can offer it in any combination with any of our other roundtrips or components.

More information Eco- Tour North CR


unknown Costa RicaRoundtrip unknown Costa Rica

Find the last white spots in Costa Rica

Experience Costa Rica on your own!

We organize the tour in detail but what is left up for you is to explore the country driving on your own with a rented car! This combination will make you enjoy an authentic and unforgettable trip.

Our unique conception of individual tours has been successful since 20 years in Latin America. In cooperation with the client we create the perfect program. You can take some of the offered tours to have an idea of the most important and beautiful sights of Costa Rica. These are just meant as suggestions because we are very flexible and enable every tour for you.

Additionally, we provide the rent of a reliable four-wheel-drive-vehicle that resists every kind of off-road adventures. Every car is equipped with a cell phone, maps and a programmed GPS that you will learn to love during that tour.


rundreise costa ricaTour Costa Rica- a country rich in contrasts

The tour “Costa Rica- rich in contrasts” is a bestseller

We offer a combination of insiders tipps and absolute highlights

You'll get to see the real face of Costa Rica.Some elements are realized in small groups– together with an experienced guide– most of the time you are on your way individually. As our different daily destinations are not so far from each other- you won´t need to spend a lot of time in the car but you will have enough time to enjoy Costa Rican landscapes and culture.

From the Central Valley we will be heading the northern mountainous regions and the surrounding tropical forests. Take some moments to marvel at active and extinct volcanoes and impressive nature spectacles. Fog forests, tropic rainforests and an abundance of exotic animals are part of our route as well as the wide white sand beaches of your dreams.

Find an exact description at the page of our travel agency (roundtrips)


family in Costa RicaOur Costa Rica family Tour

Here you see our own philosophy of family trips

For many years now, we realize this individual family trip

The tour was continuously optimized and experienced personally from me- Volker and my family. We have high quality and special selected hotels, which are mostly run by locals. The families experience the beauty and importance of the rainforest with their own senses and learn how to protect the rainforest and its inhabitants. You see a lot of animals, come in touch with local children from Costa Rica and learn interesting stories about important rainforest projects.

Our unique concept of individual round trips has proven itself in over 20 years. We create together with your family a customized program - as a basic framework we use the described and proven family tour. Any combination is possible; therefore this tour is only a model and suggestion. So everyone can put together their own personal journey.

We care about hiring a reliable four-wheel vehicle, the planned route require certain driving skills. In addition, we equip every vehicle with a cell phone, maps and a pre-programmed, GPS that you will learn to love in the course of the trip. More information and detailed itinerary of this family tour of Costa Rica...


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