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Around San José, Costa Rica and the central valley. 

These tours usually start with one person, directly from the Posada. Also, there are a variety of tour options that you can do "on your own": Hiking tours, by public bus or with your rental car. Of course, some of the offered "organized day trips" can be performed with a rental car, but not all destinies are simple. Get in touch with us and we will advise you.

We offer tours for every king of taste: if you love full action, riding in the nature reserve of El Rodeo, rafting, volcano hikes and trekking tours or canopy, bird- and animal- watching, there are our Safaris, canoeing or kayaking.

For those who love to walk in nature, the Gree Mountains that boarder Santa Ana, can be found close to the Posada. It's only a short walk or a bus or taxi ride up the hill.

To explore San José, there are various options: only 200 meters from the Posada runs, every 10- minute intervals a bus to San Jose. This costs about 50 cents and you get almost to the center. For orientation, in San José, we provide a free map. Those who prefer the comfort can also reserve one of our guided tours of San José.

We have tabbed the tours:

  • Nature, culture, relaxation or adventure
  • Difficulty of the physical effort of 1 (very easy) to 5 (very difficult)
  • on foot, bus, taxi, rental car or organized tour

Have fun exploring and experiencing.


windpark costa rica

Tour Santa Ana: 


Just a few meters south-west of the Posada begins the Geen Mountains of the nature reserve "Cerros de Escazú". These, lush green mountains are very easy to explore on your own. Below on the map we have some recommended routes. But take care: if you enter from Santa Ana you have to climb from 900 m up to 1600 m.

But you can fetch the bus to Salitral (1100 m) or make the greatest height with a taxi (or a driver from us) for about $ 10 US and then use the mountain trails. From the slopes one has a fantastic view of the entire Central Valley, and the valley of the Rio Oro. On the proposed route (there are many alternatives, all steep) you will reach the 2012 built wind farm of Santa Ana.

zentraltal von costa rica

The 17 wind turbines were supplied by the German company Enercon, the engineers from Germany have been able to enjoy our hospitality at the Posada Nena during the nearly two-year construction period. Thanks to the good wind conditions nearly 40 million kWh of electricity are produced every year.

This helps the climate goals of Costa Rica, which has set itself the goal to cover the internal demand for electricity by 2021 to 100% with renewable energy. The towers can be seen in the hike from very close.

One can hike down to the Rio Oro or continue and simply return to Santa Ana, or you cross one more small ridge and reach Ciudad Colón. From Ciudad Colon there is a regular bus service to Santa Ana.

Bring enough water. Around the wind turbines, there are three local restaurants, which offer an excellent view of the valley- but these are usually only open on weekends.

Nature, adventure, hike, level of difficulty 2-4, on your own