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Tour Barva volcano

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This is a very special tour, an insider's tip for lovers of the cloud forest. The Barva volcano has been inactive for a long time. The volcano is part of the National Park Braulio Carrillo, the largest and most important national park in the central valley.

tour to volcano barvaOn the way to Braulio Carrillo NP

The Braulio Carrillo National Park, sector Barva consists of a very typical cloud forest, same as those you’ll find in Monteverde. Only here, in the Central Valley you will not be running on beaten track, but must go on your own. Despite its proximity to San Jose, this national park is not visited often, due to the fact that it is difficult to get to.

The last few kilometers when driving are very demanding, it is only possible with four-wheel drive with reduction, depending on the weather you have to leave the car 3 km off from the park entrance.

From the entrance of the National Park is an interesting but fairly strenuous walk through the cloud forest. You feel like at J.R.R. Tolkien and do not want to leave alone the camera. Fog is a normal situation here and contributes to the eerie mood in the cloud forest.

Looking into the crater of 2906 m. high volcano is possible from two points of view. Another path leads to a secondary crater-the Laguna Copey.

Spend an exciting afternoon in the tropical cloud forest, lonely and quiet with an impressive flora and fauna.

Guided Tour or on your own: Here's the Link to the guided Tour to Barva Volcano: Tour Volcano Barva

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