Tour: Rafting Tour Pacuare

Whitewater River Rafting Tour

The Río Pacuare & rainforests. The Pacuare river is a wonderful white-water river in the Central Valley and has its source in the “Cordillera de Talamanca” and flows into the Caribbean Sea for a distance of 110 km.

rafting pakuarerio pacuare

It passes through the unspoiled tropical rainforest and brings shelter to a large number of animal species as well as of numerous settlements of the Native American tribe Cabecar. We offer several exciting tours:

Option 1 consists of 27 km long rafting daytrip (10-11 hours), including the transportation from and to our hotel or option 2: white-water rafting plus an adventure to a luxurious Jungle camp with a first-class meal for two or more days. Additionally, we would like to offer you more of our close to nature tours varying from the ones mentioned above!

Rafting is a great adventure, especially on one of the top 10 rafting rivers on the world with a sophisticated level. This is why security has first priority and children under 12 years cannot take part! Luckily there is a path on the land to get to the camp that allows children the access to the Jungle Camp. Here you have got the opportunity to extend your stay up to several days – there is something for the whole family which almost promises a great time!

The prices for the tour and accommodation in the very comfortable Pacuare Lodge or in another less expensive camp vary depending on season, amount of persons per room and the type of room. The stay in the Lodge is fantastic, catering to the best quality and other tours will be offered!

incl. pick- up near Posada Nena, Santa Ana.

Nature, adventure, level of difficulty 4-5, organized tour