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Around San José, Costa Rica and the central valley. 

These tours usually start with one person, directly from the Posada. Also, there are a variety of tour options that you can do "on your own": Hiking tours, by public bus or with your rental car. Of course, some of the offered "organized day trips" can be performed with a rental car, but not all destinies are simple. Get in touch with us and we will advise you.

We offer tours for every king of taste: if you love full action, riding in the nature reserve of El Rodeo, rafting, volcano hikes and trekking tours or canopy, bird- and animal- watching, there are our Safaris, canoeing or kayaking.

For those who love to walk in nature, the Gree Mountains that boarder Santa Ana, can be found close to the Posada. It's only a short walk or a bus or taxi ride up the hill.

To explore San José, there are various options: only 200 meters from the Posada runs, every 10- minute intervals a bus to San Jose. This costs about 50 cents and you get almost to the center. For orientation, in San José, we provide a free map. Those who prefer the comfort can also reserve one of our guided tours of San José.

We have tabbed the tours:

  • Nature, culture, relaxation or adventure
  • Difficulty of the physical effort of 1 (very easy) to 5 (very difficult)
  • on foot, bus, taxi, rental car or organized tour

Have fun exploring and experiencing.


Bus in San Jose

Tour San José

exciting day in the capital of Costa Rica

San José, a tour through the city. The journey will take you past La Sabana Park, the ambassadorial residences, the National Stadium, the National Theater and the Metropolitan Cathedral, with a brief stop for shopping. You can do your San José City Tour on your own or participate in an organized tour.

If you want to go on your own, the bus leaves only 200 m from the Posada and takes 20- 30 minutes at a fare of about 50 Cents. Or you take the Tour.

The first stage of the tour consists of visiting the “Plaza de la Democracia” and the famous National Museum. Passing by the court we will be getting to “Los Yoses”, where you can find beutiful residences and many embassies.

Furthermore, on the eastern part of the city, we will visit the “Fountain of Hispanity” as well as the headquarter of the University of Costa Rica that represents the largest public university of the country counting more than 30 000 students.

After that, you will get to know one of the real highlights of the city, the impressive “Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold”! In order to be able to stretch your legs and to see another cultural jewel a special guide will lead you through the frequently visited National Theater.

From there the trip continues to the western part of the capital. Next to the Sabana Park that is quite popular between the residents, the “Museum of Costa Rican Art” fascinates its visitors due to various different elements made by the hands of very talented artists.

These and a lot more highlights like the area Pavas, an industrial zone, the old airport, the residential zone of Rohrmoser and a short stop to purchase some souvenirs shall convey you a multi-faceted picture of San José! Just put your camera in your rucksack and let´s go!

culture, level of difficulty 1, on your own or organized tour