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What kind of money do we need in costarica?

The official currency in Costa Rica is the Colon which is currently valued (april 2015) at approximately 525 per dollar. Most places in Costa Rica accepts both U.S. Dollars and local currency but you can get better deals when you pay in Colones. Euros can be exchanged in local banks. Cash machines will pay in Dollars or Colones.

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domestic flights in Costaricadomestic flights in Costa Rica

A great alternative to a long bus trip

The flights within Costa Rica are usually very punctual and without long check-in times or nerve-wracking controls.

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autobusmeans of travel in Costa Rica

Transport in Costa Rica is very organized

Public buses going nearly everywhere at very cheap fares. In our Hotel we have timetables available. The unique Interbus and Gray Line system, which was created for economic and sustainable tourism works excellent. This is a special bus system for tourists. The buses will  pick up their guests from hotel to hotel- door to door.

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puente amistad nicoyaOrientation in Costa Rica

how to find your way?

The orientation in Costa Rica is quite easy. The most important road is the Panamericana. This extraordinarily long street begins in Tierra del Fuego and ends up in Alaska with a small interruption in Panama and Colombia. In this way, Costa Rica’s capital San José is connected with Panama in the south and with Nicaragua in the north.

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camion 280Driving in Costa Rica

renting car in Costarica

To travel around Costa Rica, it’s a great choice to travel on your own with a rental car. You can get wherever you want without depending on timetables or other people. But there are several things you should know when renting a car to make sure you have a great vacation time.

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