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A bit more about us

Traveling has always been the most important in our small family. We love to explore the world, to discover new things and to share our discoveries with people who also love authentic countries and people. We founded our first Posada Nena in 1989 in Carúpano, Venezuela. We are Minerva (1965) and Volker (1966) Alsen; the former from Barcelona, Venezuela, Volker from Wiesbaden in Hessen.

Our history

Posada Nena started in a beach house with 3 mattresses on the floor and a pool table. Located on an attractive, but completely unknown, sandy beach near Carúpano in the east of Venezuela. In years of detailed work and with the support of both families, we had built one of the most famous guest houses in Venezuela- a stop on every adventure trip through the wonderful South American country. At the same time, we travelled all Venezuela and the continent thoroughly on numerous trips and expeditions. One of the results of these trips was our first travel guide about Venezuela, the Reise know-how in German. Further titles followed.

Our reality

Unfortunately, in 2009 the political situation in Venezuela became unbearable. Our family had grown to 4 people - with Nataly (2000) and Sebastian (2002). We decided to change our country for reasons of security and education. Away from the beach in the wild east of Venezuela and into the mountains and the green nature of Costa Rica. Today with our Posada Nena in Santa Ana and Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, we offer travelers from all over the world a beautiful, safe, friendly and authentic journey through Costa Rica. Our children are now studying and working in Europe.

About Posada Nena

The philosophy behind Posada Nena and alautentico is about sustainability, honesty and real experience - supplemented with extensive knowledge of the culture, customs and nature of our countries. No mass tourism, no large groups, but authentic people who live their life's work. We carefully select our local partners for our clients and make sure they share a common idea. A lot of travelers who has been with us over the past three decades will be able to confirm this. On the other side, our local partners keep telling us, how special “our guests” are.

Our travel agency

If you have read this far and would like to experience Costa Rica or Panama with our help, it would be a pleasure so feel free to contact us. Due to my work as a travel book author for various travel guides about our countries, I spend much time on the road and learned to know the country and people very well. As a result of this intensive travel activity, we will show you (in addition to the well-known highlights) fewer known places. Also less known, but not less exciting. We always include secret destinations in our trips, combined with the “big attractions”.

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