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The corona crisis in Costa Rica,

updated on october, 20th 2021bananen

Unfortunately, our beautiful Costa Rica has not been spared from the corona pandemic. The first few months looked very good, and everyone was positively surprised at how little the virus had spread in the country. Until mid / end of June it was good - a maximum of 20 or 30 new infections a day, very few deaths. But then it boomed and all of a sudden the falls skyrocketed. In between there were over a thousand new cases in one day, Now the infections are going down again, most people are vaccinated- hopefully it will go further down. 

By and large, the responsible ministers have run good policies - with great foresight. The restrictions for daily life were annoying, but reasonable - everything is slowly being relaxed again.
The hospitals still have the situation well under control, fortunately there is no overload. Current figures can always be found in the Nacion:

On Dec. 24th. Costa Rica's CCSS startet the vacunacion of the population with the BionTech- Vaccune procedente from Europe. A first step, but very important. They also bought the AstraZeneca Vaccine- everybody who wants can get vaccinated.
The tourism sector, one of the most important economic sectors in Costa Rica, is of course hardest hit. Including us, of course, as a travel agency and hotel for individualists.

LH flies directly from Frankfurt to San José twice a week - at extremely low prices. As well British, KLM, Air France, Edelweiss and Iberia are operating their flights again. 

We can be helpful to buy your travel- insurance, necesary to enter the country. This is only necesary, if you are not vaccinated. Remember that after 01.08.21 people, who are completly vaccinated do not need the unsurance. To enter most european countries you'll need a negative PCR test. There is a laboratory nearby- LABIN, where you can do the test. Don't forget to bring your flight ticket- they are only testing people who will travel. 

To enter the country you have to fill out this form: