isla tortugaIsla Tortuga

The "Isla Tortuga" is one of Costa Ricans nicest beach

The „Turtle Island“ makes dreams come true! Sunbathing on the white sand beaches, swimming in crystal clear water and snorkeling in intact coral reefs. You can't ask for more.

After a bus ride of around 90 minutes and a short stop for breakfast you will reach the harbor of “Puntarenas”, a significant fishing village. From there the catamaran Manta Raya sets off through the calm waters of the Gulf of Nicoya.

Pay good attention because this is the home of several seabirds, turtles and dolphins and enjoy the mangrove forests at the coast until reaching the “Isla Tortuga”.

nicoya gulf

The Gulf of Nicoya

On the way to Isla Tortuga, Puntarenas

playa tortuga

at the most beautiful beach 

white sand and cristal clear water

mantaraya tortuga

Tour de luxe with Catamaran:

there are cheaper "party boats" going as well

tortuga playa

the beach.....

take a look at the beach

fischerboot golf

a traditional fisherboat

get your lunch

On deck you will be able to get to know a lot of new people as well as while basking in the sun or during the substantial meal with live marimba music and a magical sunset.

This tour starts daily from San José with a minimum of 10 passengers. On weekends, there are always enough people to go, so please try to go from Friday to Sunday. 

Nature, relax, level of difficulty 1-2, organized tour