santa ana, costa ricaSanta Ana

Santa Ana, a town near San José in Costa Rica

Everybody who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of San José is in the right place here in Santa Ana.

Approximately 30.000 residents live in this calm and attractive town. In less than half an hour you can get to the center of San José as well as to the Juan Santamaria International Airport .

The climate is very pleasant and dryer than the other parts of the country. This is why Santa Ana was elected to the place with the fifth- best climate on earth. Nevertheless, the town that is protected by the mountains “Cerros de Escazú” is not too touristy.

Santa Ana was founded in 1907 and declared a town in 1970. Life takes place around the church where the weekly market is held and different trade fairs and events reflect the real Costa Rican culture. The old center, where workshops for ceramics are located and remarkable wood carvings are sold, is still alive.

iglesia Santa Ana

the village Santa Ana

the church right in the center of Santa Ana

santana del cerro

Cerros de Escazú- view at Santa Ana

One of the recommended hikes.

wind park sant ana

Hiking in Santa Ana

Very nice landscape in Santa Ana.

centro santana

 Santa Ana Center:

Only 3 minutes walking distance from the Posada.

cerro escazu

Tours around Santa Ana

View of the central valley

village santa Ana

Have a look over the town.

A small, tranquil village

On the one hand, Santa Ana offers a large number of familiar restaurants and so called “sodas” with very cheap prices that give an insight into the traditional Costa Rican kitchen. On the other hand, there are first class and expensive restaurants, a paradise for gourmets. Close to our hotel we have an 18-hole golf course and an outdoor tennis complex with 6 courts waiting for you.

Every Sunday, fruit and vegetable retailer come to the center of Santa Ana in order to sell their goods for low prices. Fish, meat and other prepared delicacies can be bought, too. It is very interesting and worth to go.

The onion is the symbol for this canton. This is why every year around the Easter season an “onion market” attracts masses of visitors because of the variety and the excellent quality. Especially the red onion is in demand due to its unusual flavor.

Other very interesting events:

- March:Iinternational Market of Craftsmanship (Feria de Artesanía)

- May: International Yango Festival “Luz de Luna“.

- July: The Feast of San Joaquin, the patron saint of Santa Ana (two weeks)

- August 31st: Foundation day of the canton with various activities, traditionall food and ceremonies

- October 25th: Baroque festival, the cultural highlight of the year (two weeks). Musicians from all over the world come together in the different churches of Santa Ana to give concerts. All events and activities are free and you have to be there in time because  masses of visitors are expected.

- December:  The cultural year comes to an end with it's marvelously decorated Christmas Fair  the weekend before Christmas Eve.

Santa Ana is a beautiful place with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where tradition and the modern age are in perfect harmony. You will feel absolutely comfortable here and find gentle people that are willing to help. The green surroundings like the nature reserves “Cerro Escazú” and “El Rodeo” invite you to go out on a hike or to go riding.