Costa Rica InfosCosta Rica- paradise for travellers

Costa Rica is part of the tropical zone with quite constant temperatures during the year.

The climate depends on the altitude and the amount of precipitation. At the pacific side, the dry period begins in December and ends in April. Apart from May, winds from the southwest might provide rainfalls which get stronger and stronger until October in the western half of the country.

oropendulaFauna in Costa Rica

A small excursions to wildlife in Costa Rica

Here you'll find a short description of some species you will see on your vacation in Costarica

history costa ricaHistory Costa Rica

In 1502 Christopher Columbus arrived for the first time to the area that today is called Costa Rica.

However, the colonization by the Spaniards only began in 1560. This phase ended rather quickly (there were probably not enough treasures to find) and in 1821 appeared the Declaration of Independence.

palme tropen costaricaFacts Costa Rica

Numbers and information about Costa Rica

  • Surface of Costa Rica: 51.200 km²
  • Population: 4,45 Mio.
  • Form of government: Presidential Republic

san jose costarica SJOSan José

Capital de Costa Rica

Tours in San José

San José is the capital of Costa Rica with a population of around 355 000 residents. But at the same time, San José is one of the 7 provinces of the country with totally 2, 2 million Costa Ricans which is the half of all the inhabitants of the country.

santa ana, costa ricaSanta Ana

Santa Ana, a town near San José in Costa Rica

Everybody who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of San José is in the right place here in Santa Ana.

Approximately 30.000 residents live in this calm and attractive town. In less than half an hour you can get to the center of San José as well as to the Juan Santamaria International Airport .

cerros de escazu“Cerros de Escazu”

green mountain range near Santa Anaand Escazú

Conservation area: Due to the fact that almost half of the just over 4 million residents live in the central valley of Costa Rica, nature suffers a heavy burden. To counteract this problem government has declared some areas for nature protection areas in the last 2 decades.

parrilladaRestaurants in Santa Ana

Santa Ana has evolved gourmet capital

no other place in Central Valley

Some of the best restaurants in Costa Rica can be found here or have moved in recent years. But there are also plenty of small sodas and mini-restaurants for everyone to find something. All in walking distance from our Posada. Here you’ll find just a small selection.

safety costa ricaSafety in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the saftest countries in latin- America

Costa Rica is a stable and functioning democracy with the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America, which is a relatively safe place to visit. Making a few common preparations and reading the following Costa Rica safety tips will increase your chances of having a safe and stress-free vacation.